Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 3 Update

Now we are three days in, a decent amount of time to get the general feel of the device and so far I have to say that I've been not hating my time with an iPhone. Crazy right? Yes. I've touched on the battery life a couple of times already and tomorrow (day 4) will be the ultimate test. I am going to send it through a day full of pandora and YouTube, and I will be going in and out of dead zones at my prison...school. This will be a good test for how the battery will hold up. One other thing that I am absolutely smitten with that is seemingly exclusive to iOS; zero keyboard lag. On all of the Android devices that I have ever used there are been at least some extent of lag when typing, no matter the speed on the iPhone you will not see lag anywhere. Kudos to you Apple. Tomorrow will be a huge day because I will posting an update video summing everything together through four days of iOS. Make sure to tune into YouTube.com/TheNDChief to check it out.

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