Tuesday, December 3, 2013


School is slowing down, so expect the videos to come back into full swing. Sorry for the absent guys. Recording two videos last night...edited one...and am currently uploading it. Look for it! Nexus 4 Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Six Months Later)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

IFA 2013

Many are waiting for the month of September in the tech world for a couple of different reasons. While gamers ages 9-90 are awaiting the release of Rockstar's franchise series five years in the making, AKA GTA V. On the other hand mobile tech reviewers have their eyes on an event that takes place in Germany just the week prior. That event is IFA 2013 where the Samsung Galaxy Note III is said to be released. Where am I putting my chips? It is hard to say, on one hand I may just be the biggest Rockstar fanboy that you will find, but take a look at IFA where a device that I have had my eye since the release of the Note 2. When the Note 2 dropped I had just invested my money into a brand spanking new Nexus 4, at that point I was so happy with the device, and I was so broke from the purchase that the Note had no chance of becoming my daily driver. However thanks to my close friend, I was able to play with the Note 2 for a couple of hours and fell in love with how it functioned. I become eligible for an update to my contract and my device in late October, hopefully the Note will land on the shelves and slide its rumored 5.7 OR 6.3" full HD screen into my pocket. Let's jump onto the rest of this, GTA V. A map bigger than any open world game Rockstar has ever made, development five years in the making, and not to mention some of the most outlandish storylines involving THREE main characters from all different walks of life. This is not only a game that I will set up a lawn chair outside of a GameStop for, it is worthy of my 150 bones for the full-blown collector's edition. Bottom line, I better start saving my dough now. September is going to be one expensive month...

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The task at hand

The next task for my channel is not to bring a video that displays any sort of project, but to create my sort and concise channel trailer. All of the raw files are selected, now just the editing needs to be done..that should be fun. i will keep you updated.

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 was a wild day in the world of tech

From WWDC to E3, the day carried a hell of a lot of influence on the future of technology. Between xbox one announcements, and the next iteration of iOS, the world got its fill of information for one day. Starting with Apple, well I posted a video on my Youtube channel that gives the general run down of just how similar iOS features are to Android: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahPyDtbxRy8. Check that link out for a quick view of the issues Apple is going to run into with their next gen products. Microsoft did something that the world had been waiting on since the original announcement of the One a couple of weeks ago, and that was TALK ABOUT GAMING. From trailers to a bit of actual footage the One finally showed off that at its core it can actually do what consumers really want it to do. Titles along the lines of Nba 2k14, Forza 5, and Battlefield 4 were among the expected, but some exclusives caught the crowd off guard. Ryse and a new Halo being the main course. Sony was slotted just hours after the Microsoft portion and boy did they shine. No technical difficulties and NO RESTRICTIONS ON USED GAMES. NO CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION. AND NO CAMERA THAT IS ALWAYS ON AND CONNECTED TO HUNDREDS OF SERVERS. Sony took a step back and looked at what the world did not like about the One and decided to make it right. Coming from an Xbox fanboy, thank you from the bottom of my heart Sony, now maybe Microsoft will wake up and realize the crowd that they are spoonfeeding in your direction.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Heading into the summer

As the month of May ends, most break out the sun tan lotion and the board shorts expecting a "wild" summer. However for a mobile tech reviewer like myself it provides me with the opportunity to re-brand myself and make a promising product. Tons of new products are set to be released in the coming months and with that, I have the chance to provide coverage on all of those for you guys. My image that I am trying to create is a one-stop shop for all sorts of tech news with a specific focus on mobile technology. Remaining bias in my reviews is also a big key considering the war that continues to rage on between Android and Apple. Well then what is the point of this blog then? To lean on the videos and provide stories in writing, as well as behind the scenes and deeper follow-up coverage. Basically this blog will begin to play a much larger role in my reviewing experience. Bottom line being make sure you head on over to youtube.com/TheNDChief to stay up to date on all things tech, have a great day guys.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HTC ONE Event 2-19-13

HTC has finally taken the cover off of the ONE project and it has shown some incredible results; a phone packing a full HD screen 1.7 gHz quad-core processor, and not to mention a hefty 2 gb of RAM. The spec race is seemingly coming to a close as high-end specs like this are increasingly becoming the norm, knowing that HTC took this chance to make the hardware and OS as "consumer friendly" as possible. From the looks of it; it seems that they did their job with Sense 5.0 on top of the most intuitive Android version ever 4.1.2. The hardest task in the smartphone market is undoubtedly getting the device into the pocket of the consumer, starting with the foremost effort: getting enough devices ready to ship to meet the demand, yes I am looking at you Google and LG. HTC once again realized the task at hand and they are offering a $100 trade-in value for your current phone when you upgrade to the new HTC One. To drop in your email to get on the list of people considering trading in their device for a new HTC One, my email is already on the list, whether or not I am willing to go from a Nexus 4 to an HTC One, we will fight that battle when the device is ready to hit shelves. LINK FOR SIGN UP: http://www.htc.com/us/smartphones/htc-one/signup

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This is the write-up for my 14 day iPhone challenge, and let me preface this by saying I still choose Android, but Apple really knocked my socks off. I can no longer throw dirt all over the iPhone because from top to bottom the iPhone gave me an all around great experience. Starting with battery life, perfect. With a rather timid ecosystem, the battery does not have very much to live up to, so with extremely heavy use you will make it through a whole day with ease. Software as a whole was smooth as shea butter, and it just felt well polished. Each application felt incredible, but that is because the devs do not have to cater to hundreds of devices, all there that they have to accomodate is the range of iPhones and iPads. Hardware had to be my favorite part of the challenge, the phone felt like a premium device, which is why it costs so much money. Regardless I was very pleased with how the phone felt in both my hand and in my pocket. Kudos Cupertino. All in all, this challenge did not force me into changing my OS, but it did allow me to appreciate what the "enemy" has/had to offer. No longer will I allow myself to immediately think "iPhones are garbage" to me they are just not a device I see myself using for an extended period of time, but to each his own.