Thursday, June 27, 2013

The task at hand

The next task for my channel is not to bring a video that displays any sort of project, but to create my sort and concise channel trailer. All of the raw files are selected, now just the editing needs to be done..that should be fun. i will keep you updated.

Monday, June 10, 2013

June 10 was a wild day in the world of tech

From WWDC to E3, the day carried a hell of a lot of influence on the future of technology. Between xbox one announcements, and the next iteration of iOS, the world got its fill of information for one day. Starting with Apple, well I posted a video on my Youtube channel that gives the general run down of just how similar iOS features are to Android: Check that link out for a quick view of the issues Apple is going to run into with their next gen products. Microsoft did something that the world had been waiting on since the original announcement of the One a couple of weeks ago, and that was TALK ABOUT GAMING. From trailers to a bit of actual footage the One finally showed off that at its core it can actually do what consumers really want it to do. Titles along the lines of Nba 2k14, Forza 5, and Battlefield 4 were among the expected, but some exclusives caught the crowd off guard. Ryse and a new Halo being the main course. Sony was slotted just hours after the Microsoft portion and boy did they shine. No technical difficulties and NO RESTRICTIONS ON USED GAMES. NO CONSTANT INTERNET CONNECTION. AND NO CAMERA THAT IS ALWAYS ON AND CONNECTED TO HUNDREDS OF SERVERS. Sony took a step back and looked at what the world did not like about the One and decided to make it right. Coming from an Xbox fanboy, thank you from the bottom of my heart Sony, now maybe Microsoft will wake up and realize the crowd that they are spoonfeeding in your direction.