Tuesday, January 1, 2013


This is the write-up for my 14 day iPhone challenge, and let me preface this by saying I still choose Android, but Apple really knocked my socks off. I can no longer throw dirt all over the iPhone because from top to bottom the iPhone gave me an all around great experience. Starting with battery life, perfect. With a rather timid ecosystem, the battery does not have very much to live up to, so with extremely heavy use you will make it through a whole day with ease. Software as a whole was smooth as shea butter, and it just felt well polished. Each application felt incredible, but that is because the devs do not have to cater to hundreds of devices, all there that they have to accomodate is the range of iPhones and iPads. Hardware had to be my favorite part of the challenge, the phone felt like a premium device, which is why it costs so much money. Regardless I was very pleased with how the phone felt in both my hand and in my pocket. Kudos Cupertino. All in all, this challenge did not force me into changing my OS, but it did allow me to appreciate what the "enemy" has/had to offer. No longer will I allow myself to immediately think "iPhones are garbage" to me they are just not a device I see myself using for an extended period of time, but to each his own.