Monday, May 27, 2013

Heading into the summer

As the month of May ends, most break out the sun tan lotion and the board shorts expecting a "wild" summer. However for a mobile tech reviewer like myself it provides me with the opportunity to re-brand myself and make a promising product. Tons of new products are set to be released in the coming months and with that, I have the chance to provide coverage on all of those for you guys. My image that I am trying to create is a one-stop shop for all sorts of tech news with a specific focus on mobile technology. Remaining bias in my reviews is also a big key considering the war that continues to rage on between Android and Apple. Well then what is the point of this blog then? To lean on the videos and provide stories in writing, as well as behind the scenes and deeper follow-up coverage. Basically this blog will begin to play a much larger role in my reviewing experience. Bottom line being make sure you head on over to to stay up to date on all things tech, have a great day guys.