Saturday, September 22, 2012

Andy for Android Full REVIEW

I get asked all the time what my favorite Siri-like application is, and right now I would have to say that Andy for Android is sitting on top of the mountain. It is stacked with a growing list that seems to be update almost every other week, with features ranging from turning on my Wi-Fi to defining the speed of light, Andy has the upper hand over the large crop of Siri apps in the Google Play Store.

The Andy Full video will be posted on my Youtube channel,, make sure you go check that out and this is the full written review.

I have toyed around with no less than 30 different Siri apps and only ten have made the cut to be featured on my Youtube channel, but only one has been able to impress me the way that Andy has. With a list of features that take a few strong swipes to scroll through, Andy has had some serious thought behind it, and it shows.

There is of course a free version, as there seems to be with all paid apps now-a-days, but Andy Full truly separates itself from its free version. The free version will withhold some features that I have fallen in love with, like Long Answer. L.A. is where you can ask Andy a question, not only does it answer it properly, it will then provide you with links to news articles, videos, you-name-it.

Right now Andy is at the top of the Siri for Android hill because it truly is the total package, if you are looking for a Siri app be sure to check out Andy Full.