Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 4

Going into the day I had one mission; kill the iPhone. I have been witnessing great battery life ever since I got the device in my hands. So naturally I decided to put it through hell, a day full of YouTube, Pandora, Words With Friends, and loads of texts. Mission accomplished. I got up around 6:40 and by about 8 the iPhone was stone dead. I didn't think I could kill the thing either, but aside from a murder mission, not too much to really update about regarding the challenge.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 3 Update

Now we are three days in, a decent amount of time to get the general feel of the device and so far I have to say that I've been not hating my time with an iPhone. Crazy right? Yes. I've touched on the battery life a couple of times already and tomorrow (day 4) will be the ultimate test. I am going to send it through a day full of pandora and YouTube, and I will be going in and out of dead zones at my This will be a good test for how the battery will hold up. One other thing that I am absolutely smitten with that is seemingly exclusive to iOS; zero keyboard lag. On all of the Android devices that I have ever used there are been at least some extent of lag when typing, no matter the speed on the iPhone you will not see lag anywhere. Kudos to you Apple. Tomorrow will be a huge day because I will posting an update video summing everything together through four days of iOS. Make sure to tune into to check it out.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 2

All in all the end of day two brings me to one big conclusion: battery life is freaking stellar. I removed it from the charger at around 7 am and with rather heavy usage I had still had around 65% at 7 pm. That is enough to put a smile on my face for the time being. Other than the battery life I do not have all that much to say right now. I miss the little things of Android, the dedicated search button, being able to swipe notifications away, things along that line. With two days down and twelve to go I have to say right now I am liking more things than not.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day One

As day one comes to a close, there are some glaring differences between Android and iOS but that is no secret. As of right now I feel that the next two weeks will be full of me eating my own words. At the end of day one I notice two main things...
1) battery life is outstanding with moderate usage, but I'm sure as time goes on battery life will get worse as I use the phone more.

2)it feels like every application in the App Store is tailored to the iPhone. And obviously it is. With only really two devices to make apps for (the iPhone and the iPad) developers spend more time optimizing apps as opposed to just finishing it and submitting it to the store.

All in all, the next two weeks should be a very interesting experiment.

Friday, November 23, 2012

New Camera brings new challenge

Hey guys I know that I have not updated this in a little while but I have some great news regarding the channel....NEW CAMERA. No longer will the videos seem like they were shot with a potato, but now they will be in HD goodness. I know you're excited. I picked up the camera last night in what was Black Friday/thanksgiving night hell, and I got it for a great deal and I could not be any happier right now. Obviously since it is a new piece of technology I had to shoot an unboxing look for that to be up tonight. Also I have got a challenge that takes me so far out of my comfort zone...stay tuned to to find out! Make sure you subscribe for awesome tech content! Later!