Thursday, July 18, 2013

IFA 2013

Many are waiting for the month of September in the tech world for a couple of different reasons. While gamers ages 9-90 are awaiting the release of Rockstar's franchise series five years in the making, AKA GTA V. On the other hand mobile tech reviewers have their eyes on an event that takes place in Germany just the week prior. That event is IFA 2013 where the Samsung Galaxy Note III is said to be released. Where am I putting my chips? It is hard to say, on one hand I may just be the biggest Rockstar fanboy that you will find, but take a look at IFA where a device that I have had my eye since the release of the Note 2. When the Note 2 dropped I had just invested my money into a brand spanking new Nexus 4, at that point I was so happy with the device, and I was so broke from the purchase that the Note had no chance of becoming my daily driver. However thanks to my close friend, I was able to play with the Note 2 for a couple of hours and fell in love with how it functioned. I become eligible for an update to my contract and my device in late October, hopefully the Note will land on the shelves and slide its rumored 5.7 OR 6.3" full HD screen into my pocket. Let's jump onto the rest of this, GTA V. A map bigger than any open world game Rockstar has ever made, development five years in the making, and not to mention some of the most outlandish storylines involving THREE main characters from all different walks of life. This is not only a game that I will set up a lawn chair outside of a GameStop for, it is worthy of my 150 bones for the full-blown collector's edition. Bottom line, I better start saving my dough now. September is going to be one expensive month...

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